Saturday, June 30, 2007

Goal Achieved!!!

Back in 2004 when I weighed over 300 lbs., doing something like driving a race car was an impossibility. I was simply too fat to squeeze through the window of the car. And even if I could get in, I don’t know how I would have gotten out! (Pry bar maybe?)

Then in 2005, I changed my body and my life! Using a great weight loss program, (Thanks again Michael!) I lost over 160 lbs. in 11 months. Now I was small enough to fit in size 10 clothes and a race car sans pry bar!

But just reaching my goal of a size 10 body wasn’t enough of an achievement to reward myself with such a special gift. I needed to MAINTAIN that weight loss for a year and then I would cash in on my reward.

Well, one year later in December 2006, I was still in my size 10’s, so I called and ordered my Jeff Gordon Racing School package! I decided to make it worthwhile, so I ordered the Ultimate Winner’s Circle package – 28 Laps!! Later in the Spring I booked my date at the Kentucky Speedway. And on June 30, 2007, I cashed in on my reward!!

Winner’s Circle

My first thrill was fitting in the driver’s suit comfortably. My next thrill was sliding through the window rather easily (helmet made it a little tricky, but not too bad).

Going through the window!

Waiting to go!!

Heading out on the track!!

Me at speed on the track!!

And my final thrill was driving the race car over 134 MPH!!! It was awesome!!

The guys and gals running the school were very friendly and helpful!! (Thanks!!)

The longer I drove, the more confident I felt! Now I wish I had opted for the 40 lap package! Oh well, that’s for the next time!! Maybe after 3 years of Living Lean! (which is actually only 18 months from now if I can even wait that long!!)

Next time, I want to exceed my weight in speed!! (140 – 150 MPH!)

(Helmet hair and all!!)