Friday, August 28, 2009

Prelim Yarnstorm - UPDATED 9-2-09

My first Yarnstorm (technically I am calling it my Prelim Yarnstorm) commensed this morning at 5:45 am....After Tekkie and friend finished their photoshoot in my office, we grabbed the camera and cell phone and took off on my bike...

We arrived at our location about 10 minutes later..lucky for me no coyotes, foxes or other humans were around to witness this...I helped them pick a pole to investigate, secured them, snapped a few pictures in the dark (thank goodness for digital cameras w/ flash that can make this even possible in the pitch black darkness!) and bid them 'adeiu'... I would be passing by 2 more times yet this morning and would check on their status with each trip past...Still there 45 minutes later...but it was still dark out (darn Eastern time here in Indiana...if we were still on Central time, it would be light out at this hour in the summer..but I digress..)

A few hours later..I had to make a trip to drop something off here in town. I decided to ride my bike on this errand and check on the 'techno bugs.' I took my camera along to snap a few more pictures (in the daylight this time), but the local trash collector just happened to be dumping the trash can at that exact spot when I came by...they were still there, but if on my return trip they are gone, I was planning on chasing that truck up the trail to retreive my 'friends' from a certain death by stench (and mega doggie doo!!)

Lucky for him (the trash collector guy) and them (Tekkie and friend), they were still there upon my return trip past!! Happily waving to all the passersby (and there were LOTS of them at that hour too!)...

I hope Tekkie and friend make a few folks smile as they pass by....only time will tell...I will be passing by that spot again on Sunday morning..Maybe Tekkie will have some exciting stories to tell!!

UPDATE: 8-30-09 - Tekkie and friend were still on the original I changed their location this morning..not under the shroud of darkness and of course several people witnessed this...but 90 minutes after I moved them..they were still there...will check again tomorrow morning...

Update: 8-31-09 - Looks like Tekkie ventured off on his own...only 'Friend' was still on the sign post this morning when I passed by...Adios Tekkie - wherever you are..may need to make 'friend' a buddy..

Update: 9-1-09 - TEKKIE HAS RETURNED!! Looks like he was just off on a side trip...He and 'friend' were both there this morning!! Thanks to the kind sole who helped him back!!

Update 9-2-09 - Looks like Tekkie was scouting new territory when he was gone the other day...both he and 'friend' were nowhere to be seen this morning...will keep checking to see if they return, but I doubt it! Happy Landings Techno Bugs!!!

Tekkie and friend in their photo shoot at 5:30 am this morning!
(Tekkie has the white eyes)

Investigating the sign post...
"Please yield to Technicolor bugs - Thank you!"

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More Knitted Stuff ...

Angel Onament

Fuzzy Bug Ornament

Tooth Fairy Assistants

'Skinny Minnie' Ornament

Gingerbread Man Ornament

Felted Snowman Stocking Ornament

Snowman Racer Ornament
'Fire & Flames' edition

Pictures of my Spring Stuff!!

Here are my new Spring things!!

I've got to do something about that duck!

Bunnies Galore!!

Piggie Pouch

Black sheep of the family!

Mini Bunnie in an Easter Egg Pouch!


Duckie in an Easter Egg Pouch!