Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring Things for Easter!

Spring is here...but you would be hard pressed to believe it considering how cold it still is!!

Yesterday I popped my bike off the trainer and rode OUTSIDE for only the second time in 2009.
Riding outside is still the best training for my Metric Century ride in June at the Tour De Cure in Indianapolis!! I still need donations and remember you can do this online thru my Tour page.

My Tour Page cookbook plans have been put on hold...just not the right time to do this...Most of it is written, so if I decide to move forward in the future, I won't have to start from scratch...

Now for the fun stuff....

Since I put the cookbook project on the back burner, my creative side has taken over again! I love when this happens!! My knitting and craft projects are my stress relievers...they are my passion! They always have been since I was 10 years old...

I have all sorts of VERY cool felted Easter items...Basket Bunnies, Mini Bunnies, Duckies, Easter Egg Pouches of all sorts and styles, Pocket Pal Dolls, Piggie Pouches, and Sheep and Lambs in (3) different colors! I will post pictures of all of these tomorrow...and all are for sale too! The Cute Meter is over the top on these! I never really made Easter items before except for my woven baskets, so this is something completely new for me to have felted items that aren't ornaments this time of year. All of these items are for decorative purposes only and ARE NOT TOYS!

I have more ideas I want to try too! So stay tuned!!
Pictures coming tomorrow plus maybe a recipe or two!!!

Comments are always welcome!!