Saturday, July 22, 2017

What I have been up to this summer....

Mostly, cleaning!!! But once that was completed and my house guests left, it was time to jump back into the creative mode and get things made for my fall shows that start in 9 weeks!! YIKES!

Doggie Ornaments
Kitty Cats and Kitten Ornaments

So this week, after inventorying everything, I started phase one of the process....the knitting part! Spent most of the week knitting doggies and kitties....and even designed a new Wacky Kitty pin (to complement my Doggie pins from this past spring) 

Pictures of the new items will be posted once they are completed....

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Summer 2017 update....

Now that my Spring show schedule is complete, I am gearing up for my fall and Holiday shows this summer....But first, I decided to complete my 'big room switch' at my house that I started in 2016...I shuffled 4 rooms in my house (2 bedrooms, my office and my yarn/craft room). Of course, the yarn/craft room is the last one to be sorted and organized and that's my next task before I can start knitting again! My goal is to be knitting again next week!! Lots of Halloween items are on the list this year too since I have a few shows before the end of October....

I will post my Fall/Holiday show schedule as I get confirmations (which should be soon for many of them). Confirmed so far are:

Fiber Show at Sauder Village in Ohio
Holiday Boutique, Indianapolis
Center Grove Craft Fair, Greenwood, IN
Mack's Merry Market, Terre Haute, IN

I will post details and links here and on my FB page as the events are listed...

Monday, April 24, 2017

Next event (and last until fall): Indiana Fiber and Music Festival

Cheesy Cat Ornaments

Old McOinker Family
Ham, Old McOinker and the piglets
My last show until fall is this weekend at the Indiana Fiber and Music Festival in Clarksville, Indiana. I will once again have a full complement of my whimsical felted critters and also a few of my (vintage) handmade baskets made by me.

Admission is free to this event. This is my only show in southern Indiana in 2017!

For more information:

Hope to see you there! 

          Monster w/ a feather in his Hat Ornament

Monsters of all sorts.....        

And a barnyard full of farm animals too!!

Chickette Ornaments

Bison Ornaments

         Llama Ornament

Goat Ornaments

Cow Ornament