Wednesday, November 04, 2009

LA Project!!! - Update for 2009!!

Infomercial on a TV near you NOW!! Go here to read all about it!

2009 Infomercial Appearance

Who's that girl and what have you done with Jenny?
And where did you get those earrings?

Ta da!!
(I was really saying that, too!!)

Check out those 4" heels!!

"Mr. Thurmond, I'm ready for my close-up!"

I was chosen to be part of the next infomercial for Michael Thurmond's Six Week Body Makeover!!

I spent 4 days in Los Angeles shooting my testimonial and still shots and also meeting 17 others who are also Success Stories!! Hair, makeup and wardrobe by professionals really makes a difference, too. I clean up pretty well for someone who really doesn't like to spend much time primping!!

A few of us even had lunch with Micheal Thurmond himself!! What a treat that was!! Two hours of good ON PLAN food and conversation!!!

Michael and Me after lunch!!
(What happened to the great hair from yesterday???)

Dee and Me!!

Thanks to everyone who made this happen for me!! It was a really great experience!!

I will post an update when the infomercial is airing!! Probably in the Spring of 2008!!!

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Clarence said...

Wow you are amazing! Reading of how you are living lean 2 years and still tweaking your plan.
excellent, Onto your knitting next,
regards, ppsgal (Ellen)
I do not know how I am posting as techbookman.
my hubby ??? no worries