Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Just received a great link to a blog entry by Tom Venuto that is definitely a must read for everyone who is worried about getting through the holidays without adding a few pounds!!!

Staying Trim through the Holidays

My third year of successfully keeping my weight off is coming up on the December 19th and after reading Tom's Challenge I think I am up for it too! I have learned how to travel and enjoy the holidays without making major sacrifices to my new lifestyle. It does take planning, but staying thin is more important than fretting about not having lots of food that I don't need and have learned that I really don't want anymore. A few bites here and there seem to satisfy, but even those are becoming fewer and further between.

My body is FINALLY ready to lose fat again and I am NOT GOING TO REVERSE THIS at this workouts and close attention to food are continuing...I still plan on having a few treats, but healthier choices for 95% of the time will keep me on track!!

There are no excuses to not maintain a healthy lifestyle....even during the holidays!!!

Updated recipes will hopefully get posted in the next week or so .... and Year 3 of Living Lean is coming up as well....and a few pictures.....

Here is the updated Peanut Butter Muffin Recipe I promised..... [I linked it!]

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