Friday, January 23, 2009

New Look for 2009

Just wanted to update the old blog to a fresher look for 2009.

I celebrated 4 years of healthy living on Monday January 19, 2009!!! One of my goals for year #4 of Living Lean is to shed body fat until I am at 20% LBM!!! I am also using the winter to work on my strength training...lifting heavy - well, heavy for me which isn't much yet...
Cardio is secondary, but I do ride my bike on the trainer for at least 60 minutes a day (average intensity) or walk/jog outside for 60-75 minutes a day as the weather permits. I am trying to keep in good biking shape so when I get back outside on my bike, I can really train hard for the Tour De Cure in June. I want to do a metric century ride for that - 100 KM or about 68 miles (I think). That is about 3 laps more than I did last year when I did 60 miles (24 laps).

Still hard to believe I haven't eaten real pizza in over 4 years!! Don't miss it a bit either! I did have one piece of Pizza Marguerite at Boca de Beppo last summer, but that wasn't real pizza with all the toppings and cheese.

I added my Apple Crumble recipe to the blog...It is what I am having for my birthday treat this year. Tasty not only for healthy eaters, but for everyone!! Good plain or warm over vanilla ice cream!!! (if you eat that...I don't!)

Want to lose FAT and keep it off for good....The BEST book you can buy for permanent fat loss is The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto!!! Best $17.00 (from Amazon) that you will EVER spend!! Easy to read and great advice...He knows his stuff about permanent, SAFE, fat loss and how to KEEP IT OFF!! Check it out!!

That's all for now...more updates to follow....

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