Monday, February 22, 2010

New Fan Page for Woven Dimensions!

Frog Prince

For those of you on Facebook, I now have a Fan page for Woven Dimensions!

This is a public page, so you can view pictures and information there even if you don't have (or want) a Facebook account!! If you don't have an account, you can't leave comments there, but you can always leave comments here on the blog!

I have added some new links on the right hand sidebar for more pictures of my current items and new stuff I am working on...My latest thing...hand dyed wool!!! I have dyed lots of basket reed over the years for my baskets, but had never done yarn...until Saturday! Click the Yarn Dyeing link to see my first attempts!! They came out pretty good considering I did them all with food coloring and/or Kool Aid!! This is VERY addictive...I want to do more.....

Day #1

Day #2

Can't wait to see what these look like after they have been felted!


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