Thursday, March 08, 2018

New for Spring 2018

With the long break between shows this spring, I am working on a few new items that will make their show debut in April.....

Fluffy Alpaca Ornament

Three Fluffy Alpaca Ornaments

 These are my Fluffy Alpaca Ornaments made using alpaca yarn! No hat, but a tassley scarf instead....These will be available in at least 3 colorways of alpaca yarn....

Peter Bunny Ornaments

These are my new Peter Bunny Ornaments....Some just holding a carrot and others eating that carrot (they stole from Old McOinker's Farm!)

Pearl Bunny Ornament

And this is Pearl Bunny.....she is carrying a basket of carrots (that she stole from Old McOinker!)

For more information on my upcoming shows, visit my Facebook page and check out the event's page!

Woven Dimensions Spring Events

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