Monday, March 02, 2009

It's March!!!

It's March!! Warm temperatures are just around the corner and they can't come soon enough for me!!

I am sooo ready to pop my bike off the trainer and get outside in the fresh air again! But until the temperature stays above 40 degrees day and night, I am riding indoors and walk/jogging outside when I can.

I have been busy working on my cookbook of my best fat burning recipes!! I have a few new ones that aren't posted on the blog yet. Oatmeal Cookies and Molasses Spice Cookies!!! The latter taste like my Gingersnap Muffins except in cookie form! They make great portable snacks!!

I am also including lots of other information in my cookbook so you can eat like me!! Healthy, nutritious AND delicious!!

Recipe revisions to eliminate all artificial sweeteners are progressing well....My applesauce recipe is just as yummy with a little bit of honey as it is with Splenda or regular sugar! And the Smokey Ketchup recipe works fine with that same substitution!!

And if I haven't said it lately - PLANKS ROCK!!
Once you start doing them, you will never do a regular ab crunch again!! You can absolutely see the difference after you do them for just a few weeks. But be advised....they really aren't for beginner exercisers or the severely overweight...But if you have been weight training for a while and haven't tried them, give them a shot!! They are harder then they look!!

I still need sponsors for my Tour de Cure ride in June. You can do this online at my Tour page.
My Tour Page - Thanks for your support!!

JG is leading the points after the first three NASCAR races!!! I see him in victory lane at Atlanta next Sunday...sooo close these past 2 weeks....gonna happen SOON!!! I can feel it!!!

And finally....
I have been thinking of my mom today...She would have been 72 years young today....still hard to believe she has been gone for over 15 years...I miss her every day...

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